Thursday, March 26, 2009



To my loyal two or three readers, I have
decided to end this blog......I have been at
it for some 4 years and I come to the
conclusion that I have said it all......

It was fun during the recent "boom"
years to bitch.....I see no fun in doing
the same during these current bad financial

Therefore ----- fin, fini, the end.......Pumps

Monday, March 16, 2009


The Doctor's Office #2

One of the best words which I love to hear
coming from a doctor's office is, "We don't

Sometimes sitting with the personnel in
a doctor's office, you get the feeling that you
are in a dictatorial environment......They know
the medical "stuff" and you do not......

"We don't know" does not stop the bill for
the "We don't know" service but it is nice to
learn that the people in the doctor's office,
including the doctor, are nothing more than
"mere mortals" just like we.......

Sometimes it is wise to remind them of that
fact.....That little fancy, colorful medical
blouse does not elevate one to a position
of god......Pumps

Monday, March 09, 2009


The Doctor's Office

Today was a day that "one" went to the
Doctor's Office for a prescription refill......
No big deal or problem......

Have you noticed that when you go to the
doctor, no one in the office is "in a hurry"....

It is always one even pace of work duties.....

Bleed or double up with pain and maybe
some one will take notice of you, but
otherwise it is wait in the outer office, until
your name is called, and then wait in the
inner office until a medical person wants to
talk to you......

Can you imagine, if and when the whole
medical system is "federalized"......These
"slow" moving people will move even "slower"
just as they do in the Motor Vehicle Bureau....

If you are bleeding there will most likely
be a federal custodian who will make his/her
routine rounds to mop up the floor under
your seat as you continue to wait for your
number to be called.....

All of this for a prescription refill....Pumps

Monday, March 02, 2009



The headline of the Newsweek Magazine for
publication on 3/2/2009 reads:


Why not change it to:


Do not lice and roach killer sprays exist
that one may buy at Lowes or Home Depot?...

Friday, February 27, 2009


The Changing World

Since World War #2 (WWII), my lifetime, I
have noticed the formation of many little
socialistic government countries.....Some
are also Communist and of course you have
to have your dictator or two, for world

In all of this the United States was the
exception, it was a Capitalist nation....
The "odd ball" country which a lot of other
countries took exception to......

Well if anything went wrong in the little
Socialistic country, the first thing they did
was come to the the Capitalist country for
money and help......

Well all of that will change now......

With the United States going Socialistic,
it has joined the world commune.....Now
when any of these communal countries
gets into a problem, where will they go?.....

No where.......

The "global world" of economy is now
dead......Every country will now protect
itself from any outside financial damage and
once again become an "individual nation"...
Like it was in the olde days......

Yep, a few people made $$$$$$, they
always have and will continue to do so....
And the "serfs who live at the bottom of
the hill, below the castle will survive" they
have for some 4000 years of recorded
history.......And will continue to do so
just as the "land owner's" have....Pumps

Thursday, February 26, 2009



It seems that the magic number above is for
the taxing of "rich" people.......

What "gets me" is that there are all these
talking "heads" and news readers that keep
saying that this is good for the future of the
United States and its tax system........

Each one of these "heads" and newscasters
is MAKING way in excess of $250,000.00 per
year.....I guess that they make so much money
that the tax increases on THEIR salary will
in no way effect them......Must be great to
live in the "rich elite" class......Pumps

Monday, February 16, 2009


Three Card Monty

Just heard this afternoon that the State, in
which my little town of Jabunyaville exists,
has solved it's budget crisis.....

Since the State will receive "Stimulus Money",
there will be no reason to raise taxes on the
populous.......Isn't that nice.......

Question: Is not the "Stimulus Money"
taxpayers money in the first place?.......

Question: If the Federal money is not from
the taxpayers then where is it from?
China?....India?.....Sweden?.......And don't
we have to pay it back?......

Sound like someone is misusing their
credit card.......Pumps

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